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“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” 

Rabindranath Tagore

Teachers and registered practitioners of the tradition host workshops, run several groups online and in-person, with different intentions, and offer our work and services as spirit practitioners and guides to all who may need.

Individual Consultations

In individual consultations with trained pathfinders, teachers or animistic practitioners one may ask questions, seek answers, clarity, guidance, direction or spiritual support about any and all aspects of life. Eventually, spirit will guide and show us the path ahead. Contact us to inquire/book a consult.

There is a way of life that brings us in contact with a sacred ancient wisdom so we may start to find our path home. A way of life that our ancestors knew and that acknowledged our connection to everything around us, in this physical plane, in dream, beyond. We can connect to this way again.

This wisdom brings us in contact with our original power and trust, and with the spiritual world which is protecting, guiding and supporting us. The guides/teachers (called shamans in certain traditions), who help make this bridge, may also be called The Walkers in Between, or very simply: Storytellers - telling the stories of our ancestors and of creation, and helping us apply those to our life today. They have been acting as these bridges since time immemorial, taking on the responsibility to act as teacher, counselor, healer and guide for their communities.

This work involves creating holy space in which change can happen of itself, instead of us trying to make change happen. The work is done on the premise that when we return to a life of balance, healing and transformation automatically follow.

Our teachers and practitioners are mostly based in Bangalore, where they see people. Some of our teachers also see people online.


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One Song from Stillness

"Love is from the Infinite, and will remain until Eternity." - Rumi


The One Great Song of Grandmother Ocean reaches into the dark blue of Eternity. Tei,  the One Above moved by her Song sends the Lightning. It is the Song of Seanamhair Cuan, Grandmother Ocean, and Fear Tintreach, the Lightning, which brought the Stars and Earth into being, and through the same Song the Stars fell to Earth to become the First Ancestors of Art-S-Wath, the Great Forest.


This is a daily group held by Elder Béatrice Simmons over distance. Every day, wherever we are, at 7pm Indian time, let us slow down and listen to the One Great Song. Béatrice shares a daily message and reminder for us, with evolving instructions for physical action. We remember to open sacred space for ourselves and tune in from a place of Stillness, to allow the Song to come through us. Be open and listen and connect. And be patient, the practice moves and transforms us and ripples out progressively.


We also meet on zoom once a month to journey and deepen our work. Béatrice guides us progressively to be of service to our community members and others who need healing support and to work for the land in different ways while we are separate, but still connected.

The Green Woman

As the Otter Moon approached on 2nd February, the women of White Fire, Kesha, Bhargavi, Rupal, Idil, Beyza and Olivia, were called to create and share a ceremony honouring the feminine spirit.


"We approach Otter’s Moon (February), which is the moon (month) in the cosmology that Bearch the Primal Woman came to the Dream time of Fear the man. Born from the weavings of the trees of the forest and enlivened by the waters of Muc the mother boar, the milk of Bo the mother cow, and the moonlight of Gearlach, she is the primal feminine spirit of innocence, beauty, purity and grace. In current time and in many countries, even our own communities, women do not get to be celebrated or honoured as this ‘divine’ essence. In the cosmological story Bearch ‘enters’ the dream of the man. This is a metaphorical device to say that in many forms and ways, the feminine spirit enters into all things, imparting that essence into the manifestation of that thing; all created things, regardless of implied gender or sentience, contain this feminine spirit."

Working through Prayer Trance, the women of The White Fire gathered threads to create a ceremony to honour, celebrate and direct this spirit.


The Ritual: Welcoming the Green Woman

The Green Women Ritual was to find, honour and celebrate the feminine in all of creation, despite the imposed gender identification of any specified part of creation; i.e. male or female, animate or inanimate, human or non-human. A beautiful ritual from Spirit, for all to share and partake in.

Opening space, calling in the spirit of Bearch to be present with us in this ritual, acknowledging that we are her daughters.

Stand tall with dignity, recognising the personal freedom from being the daughters of Bearch, expanding our Being, not pushing ourselves up or pulling ourselves down, just being who we are, pulsating with our life force.

Create a big red dot on the forehead. The red dot of Bearch as a representation of the womb, in a sense expanding and holding space for creation, while losing herself into the song of Fear. Realising perhaps that the act of losing oneself as you know it, is really an act of creation.


Paint the night forest for 9 days: Bearch born of the night - recognising that when we bring out and share our darker aspects, with honour and without shame, we open our eyes and see clearly, and all wounding and darkness get transformed into starlight, that brightens the forest for all animals and travellers.


Adorn the trees and dress them with colour. Coloured Yarn, flowers, string, a lot of red and yellow; preferably with organic, bio degradable materials so that they can integrate with the trees long after. Celebrating vitality and life. Connecting our inner selves with Mathair Tei, in intimate relationship. 


Closing space, by being together, and closing with a simple gesture of bringing our hands together.

Workshop Modules


Introductory Workshops

These workshops are offered once/twice a year for those wishing to learn the basic cosmology, principles and personal spiritual practices of Animistic work. These will include work like meeting our Animal Guides and other teachers from the spirit realm, personal and group healing and exploration of our consciousness. See [Introductory Workshops under Training] for more info.

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Deepening & Elemental Workshops

Workshops for those who have some foundation in Sagh’ic animistic practice to deepen their journeys as spirit workers and Pathfinders. We gather together to deepen our relationship with our inner guides, our inner intuition, our inner voice for transformation and remembering of self on this journey, our intimate relationship with Spirits. 

The Story tells us that a Song calls us from the Ancestral Stars and Mother Earth gives us her elemental fabric that creates this perfect vessel, this Body, this Life. We forget that we are the elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth. In these workshops, we can reconnect with the Elements within and without which are opening the doors to the Otherworld. We discover our relationship with their special qualities, bringing Balance and Healing. 

We learn to listen again to the One Great Song of Creation, Life and Love and we learn tools and experience practical work to help us strengthen our skills, share the Song and help others. We find the elements reflected in the qualities of the soul of plants, the fragrances of Mother Earth. We will be in intimate communication with the spirit of the fragrances, which can lead us into creating helping perfumes. In Divination work and Journeys we surrender to the wisdom of our Ancestors to bring Balance and Healing in ourselves, to find guidance and supporting rituals and ceremonies from within to bring into an awaiting world. We strengthen our confidence in journey-work and we work and journey for each other, and we may bring the Song into Soul Resonance and Healing. These are some of the things we may explore.

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Artist Workshops

Workshops for artists exploring animistic practice and wisdom in the act of creation. We will be guided to find new connections and resources from the spiritual world to help create our art. We will explore our heart’s yearning for love and creativity. Why do we make art? How do we become Love? What are the shadows we do not see that prevent us from being authentic? Who are we as artists? We will be shown reflections of our true selves, to find power and faith in our intuition, our inner voice and song, for our artistic work.

Artists dream to express their deepest Love and Respect for all Life in their art, no matter what it is. These workshops will help deepen the experience to express an animist knowing in our expression, so our creativity can become a healing and living tool.


Drum-making Workshops

The Spirit Drum is an external embodiment of our lives. It expresses our joy and sadness and is an implement of prayer; as such it tells the story of our relationship to the divine.

A one-day workshop, this work is for anyone interested in learning an ancient craft of making a very special personal tool for expression and connection with their own hands, that will last their entire lifetime. This may be an opening for a Healing Drum Circle, as we begin to understand the drum and its presence as a spiritual and prayer tool.

Other Specialised Workshops

We offer workshops to groups, sometimes designing workshops on calls from local communities based on what is needed right now. If you would like to host a workshop, or feel a need you would like to bring into work, or be part of future activities please contact us.

Women's Workshops

Men’s Workshops


Twin-Spirit & Gender Dance Workshops


“Weaving with the Elements – A Journey of Self Within the World”

A half-day workshop in which we are invited to work with the elements, and bring into physical form, their message to us in the moment, through art, though dance, through colour, song and movement, fragrance, taste and space - weaving together, being their sacred threads to create and share a part of the sacred tapestry of creation with each other and the land. We feel the power of surrender and support, and learn about the sacrifice a thread makes in the holy weave it creates and is created by, a sacrifice that helps it become more than just a thread, but a beautiful infinite tapestry of love.

“There are no binaries within animism. There is no self and the other. There is no self and the world. It’s all one."

"Every thread is made up of strands, every strand more fibres, and every fibre more so, until there is only nothing… we are all tapestries made of the magic stuff of nothingness.”

"Perform all work carefully, guided by compassion."

Veda Vyasa (The Bhagavad Gita)

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