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Registered Practitioners
List of available practitioners in Sagh'ic Practice

Registered Practitioners will be continually and consistently, those Initiated and/or Ordained members of the SAF and in good standing. They have received training and validated experience in working with those which the Registered Practitioner attends. This includes treating such client uniquely with respect and reverence, respecting their personal spiritual journeys, creating a safe and sacred space, keeping clear personal/professional boundaries, ensuring good communication skills including the use of non-judgemental language, and honouring this person's present reality. The Registered practitioner acts in accordance with the Sagh’ic Animist Tradition, Ancestral & Spiritual guidance and demonstrates an understanding of the importance & relevance of the Cosmological Stories and guidance thereof in all required interventions. Registered Practitioners are conversant in and available for common ceremonies and rituals as prescribed by the Sagh’ic training.

The Registered Practitioner abides by the ethics and principles of the Sagh’ic Animist Foundation (India) and they are professionally accountable through regular personal Spirit Intervention and/or supervision, by an appropriately trained Spiritual Practitioner, Minister, and where deemed appropriate or advised, psychological practitioner.


Registered Practitioners act within the ethics and Ladh of the SAF, however the SAF accepts no liability for their practice, methods and/or outcome.

Ainesh Madan.jpeg

Ainesh Madan

Béatrice Simmons.jpg

Rev. Béatrice Simmons

Works in person and online worldwide.

+41 786022838

Dipankar Panth_edited.jpg

Dipankar Panth


+91 9535602420

Diya Naidu.jpg

Diya Naidu

Himala Palni.jpeg

Himala Palni Kapur


+91 9819136222

John-Luke Edwards.jpeg

Rev. John-Luke Edwards

Rachna Nandakumar 2.jpeg

Rachna Nandakumar


+91 9900911330

Rob Esser.jpeg

Rob Esser

Vancouver, Canada

+1 7787914202

Romana Samal.jpg

Romana Samal

Prague/Praha, Czechoslovakia/Czechia

+420 704592393

"May my ancestors, your ancestors, ancestors of those who are not aware of their presence, ancestors of those who have forgotten about them, find peace.
May the divine Mother Earth, Prakruti, find peace.

May we heal so that we may take mindful steps.
May we all remember to always remember where we came from.
May we always be respectful to our roots."

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