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Vessel of Prayer


Within the community there are those trained to perform ceremonial duties. As prescribed by the sacred stories of the tradition, under guidance of spirit in harmony with the land. We act in common service of the wider community, and not in self service.


As part of this service we instigated a ‘Vessel of Prayer’.


This is a list of names for which a tending ritual is undertaken daily, and for 24 hours a day every day. The names are held in silent tending prayer, as a whole, by community. We gather and tend, to hold the interaction and intervention of the Divine and the Mundane, in ritual and action.

If anyone would like the names of those who are sick, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, to be held in this vessel of prayer: they may complete and send the form below. It is best you do this with the person’s permission, where this is possible.

Placation Request

Your request has been received.

"May my ancestors, your ancestors, ancestors of those who are not aware of their presence, ancestors of those who have forgotten about them, find peace.
May the divine Mother Earth, Prakruti, find peace.

May we heal so that we may take mindful steps.
May we all remember to always remember where we came from.
May we always be respectful to our roots."

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