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The Dance of Thirteen


The Sagh’ic are a lunar tradition, following a journey of moons as told in the Ancestral Stories, being thirteen lunar cycles in one lunar year. Thirteen, rather than being an unlucky number as thought by many, was for the ancestors a natural process of coming into and going out of; the nomadic cyclic journey of the ancestral tribe was thirteen lunar cycles, with each being marked in ceremony. These gave the tribe a time of appreciation and awareness, of the movement of the grace of nature through and with them. With this appreciation and awareness, all action and enterprise were assigned variations of the Thirteen-Moon time cycle. The ancients surrendered to the carrying of life and process with and by the moon, and her time scale, which is reflected and seen in all of nature.

The journey of the soul into life was counted as thirteen moons in length of time, as was the departure and journey of death. At thirteen cycles of thirteen moons, children were taken on their rites of passage into gender and adulthood. So much of natural cyclic life followed the turning and flow of the moon and the mystical time concept of Thirteen.

These are a series of wisdom trainings/courses, conceived and designed by Elder John-Luke Edwards, offered by trained team teacher members of the Sagh'ic Animist Community.


We imagine that we are immersed in a great star-filled ocean and that every move we make is held and supported by the waters around us. This series of trainings returns us to the memory of The One Ceremony, which we are part of.

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The Thirteen Moons

An animist wisdom course underpinned by the stories and tradition of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream. The aim of the course is to open and connect students to a deeper understanding of living in an animist way and in relationship with the world around them, through a deepening awareness of ritual and ceremonial spirituality.


Over generations we have strayed from a once harmonious relationship with the Earth and the natural world and in this we have forsaken an innate spiritual state of being in favour of aggressive human survival. This in turn has not only alienated us from the collaborative intimacy with nature, but also created animosity between one another. With the ‘rush’ of modern society, we have forgotten our ancient way of ceremony and ritual, which held us close and in balance with the natural world around us.


This lunar journey follows the ancient nomadic tribal stories of the thirteen spirits of the moons, understanding that journey within ourselves, sacralising it in ceremony and grounding it in new awareness of action.


Thirteen Moons is a journey of a more insightful and intuitive relationship with the observed universe and all aspects of that universe; animal, human, environmental, geographical, spiritual, psychological and imagined.


By tuning into this relationship our lives become a more balanced and peaceful journey.

The Thirteen Trees

In the Sagh’ic saga of the ‘Bones of Fear’, the story of the death of the first man, there is reference to his journey from the mundane world to the mountain of his ancestors through The Grove of the Thirteen Sacred Trees that encircle the Great Tree of the world; The Great Song;

This journey of 15 days is a quest of an ancestral spirituality just beyond our reach.

Through Journey, personal quest and ritual, we reach for the mountain of our sacred heart.


It is a journey of life and death, surrender and forgiveness.


The journey through and around The Grove is a testing of that heart. For the Sagh’ic the heart is the forge and hearth of the Fire of the Stars. That fire needs tending and nourishing, so it can be the hearth that gathers and draws us home, and the forge that transforms and hones us to bear that journey.

Grroh-Goh rests under each tree as he carries the bones of his father to his ancestral home. The journey is a testing of the sacredness of life and death as we are carried by and carry these.

In this journey we take time to find rest beneath the shade of the trees, taking the ‘wood heart’ of each resting tree, to fuel the fire in our own hearts. The sacredness of the heart is so fueled, that its fire burns not just for us, rather for those that gather about it.

The Course is made up of 15 days (one a month).

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The Thirteen Ancestors

We live in a moment of time and that moment of life exists by the serendipitous fortune of those who came before us; parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on back into the mists and dreams of history. The lines and generations of destiny expand to touch those we never knew and then collapse into the commonality of the first ones, those primal ancestors. This expanding and collapsing could be likened to breathing, and we the moment of that cosmic breath, ready to breathe and reach forward to the descendants yet to come.

It is said that in the beginning of all things, there were thirteen Primal Ancestors; beginning with the primal ocean up to the primal mother & father, all of which were those essences of our creation and destiny.

This explorative journey, is to reach back and touch, be touched by the breath and songs of those 13, who we have forgotten, and yet as we breathe, they are in our soul’s memory.

As we breathe those memories, we breathe a greater spiritual awareness of becoming tuneful to the world as family and relations, all around us.

Within this journey will be a default of connecting to our ancestral lines, in which we will find acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.

This is a 15 module ‘journey’, one of preparation, thirteen to engage with The Ancestors who fell from the stars, and finally a module to reconnect to that ancestor who is present with each of us.

The Dance of the Thirteen Genders; The Twin Spirit

From the first moment our souls have journeyed through time and space, dreams and songs of the ancestral stars. Our souls contain all the knowledge of the universe experiencing and learning from all manifestations of the human soul.

The ancient traditions speak of those lives when the twin souls of the divine female and divine male come together in one body to teach the community of the song of the universe. These lives were the Sacred Imprint of the Divine into the community.

Twin Souls is a spiritual animistic experiential journey for queer men & women.

To explore and understand the divine union within them.

And to reclaim the destiny that calls to us.

The Thirteen Stands of The Woman
(women only)
The Thirteen Stands of The Man
(men only)

A series of thirteen monthly groups to re-engage with the essence of the male and female soul, and their manifestation, by working through and with the archetypal spirit ‘Stands’.


Working through these ‘Stands’ we find celebration in our psyche, be it male or female, which through the dramas of life with its ‘have to’ and ‘must’, these archetypal stands have become repressed or made invisible.

The Thirteen Fires of Birth

An experiential workshop to explore and bring compassionate choice into our birth. With this new essence of Will, we can go forward and bring choice and sacredness into all that we begin.


The Thirteen Candles of Death

An experiential workshop to explore and bring compassionate choice into our death. With this new essence of Will, we can go forward and bring choice and sacredness into all that we struggle to complete and end.


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“In this world of infinite possibility, I look for the second step of desire – all I see is one footprint.” 


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