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The Forgetful Heart

Hidden deep inside the heart of everyone and thing is the passionate fire of creation. This fire sings the song of life, of wonder, of union with all the flames of all the songs. The flames of this fire dance in response to all the song, inviting others to sing and dance. Such is the passionate heart.


The world we live in and share is full and beset with distractions and fears.

In this the heart forgets…

Forgets its song

Forgets its dance

And the fire dims.

Without the song, the heart cannot be heard or hear.

Without the dance, the heart cannot be seen or see.

We become invisible in an invisible world.

forgetful heart.jpg

'The Forgetful Heart' was a retreat and gathering to ‘remember’

Not a retreat from, rather a running to

Gathering to remember that wonder and union.

Learning, ceremonies, crafting and of course, singing and dancing with each other, and most of all remembering who we truly are.

This residential gathering took place from 24th – 29th September at the Fireflies Intercultural Centre outside Bangalore. 


Fireflies Intercultural Center is an urban oasis. Easily accessible from the city, yet miles apart in terms of its lush green wooded ambiance. It is filled with quietude, birdsong, breezes, and soaked in a serenity that refreshes and rejuvenates at once.


At a time when we are all living day to day, praying and tending space, one of the biggest things we seem to be called to do right now is to listen, to listen to what we are being given, to listen again to our Song and to where it is guiding us.
We are strongly reminded again of what our responsibility as humans, as two-leggeds, as pathfinders and as children of the Great Forest might be. The whole world is being asked to slow down, is waiting and watching and listening, like the Great Frog Spirit did, upon the roots of the Great World Tree before leaping into the world and turning it green and blooming - at just the right moment. And so right now, we listen too, listen for the new leaps that await us. 

We met and drummed and sang and broke and bent and rooted and flew and dreamed together after such a long time, and the message of the Forgetful Heart, was even more appropriate and heartening to hear right now. 

It is a message to and from all our Hearts to stay strong and hopeful, to keep singing and dreaming a world we would like to live in and leave behind. As John-Luke is always reminding us, we are the prayer, we are the dream. 


With Love and a shared hope and holding for patience, understanding, compassion and transformation for us all and all living beings and the planet, we all being One. 

The Forgetful Heart Gathering was made up of two parts:

Wisdom and Healing: September 19th – 24th

Retreat: September 24th – 29th


You can check out the Retreat Event Program here.

On the first evening as part of  the opening of the Retreat, we were offered and participated in The Ceremony of Longing, a performance ritual, choreographed by Diya Naidu.


Ceremony of Longing began in 2020 during the pandemic and premiered in 2021. The performance was born out of working with the dystopia of the pandemic while processing it through conversations and embodied investigation.

"Our process revealed to us that the power of our longing is indeed essential at this time. If we cannot even see what we long for, how can we name it? And if we do not name it, how can we manifest a sustainable future together?"

The Ceremony of Longing is an integral part of the Retreat, however it is also open to those who are not attending the retreat with two options:

  1. Attend only the performance ritual

  2. Attend only performance ritual with dinner afterwards.

(Please use the form below to register. Seats will have to be booked at least one week prior for those choosing the option with dinner.)






If you were hoping to or would still like to attend, please use the form below to send us your details.

We will respond advising options and you name will be placed on a waiting list should a space become available.


Attendance for Ceremony of Longing (Mon, Sep 19, 4.45pm), is still available.

Attendance contribution/ticket: Rs. 300 / 1 person

Attendance with dinner: Rs. 650 / 1 person

*Please arrive by 4.30pm.

Please register using the form below and select the appropriate option:

Enquiry / Registration form

Registration type (check all relevant)
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All information is gathered in strictest confidence and used only for registration purposes.

For enquiries or further information please email

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