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Sagh’ic Animist Community, India Membership


The SAC relates to the ancient names for kindred and family. Like the Sanskrit phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, meaning The World is One Family or more simply Kindred. And in the case of the SAC, a community related by common purpose and goals.

Membership is a more integral means of support, by which members can be active parts of that relationship, and participate in the direction, purpose and work of the Community and Foundation. Join an evolving online community for learning and growth at our own pace. Membership fees go towards sustaining and supporting the community's ongoing outreach work, donations to the Pipal Tree schools, training programmes and subsidies/scholarships.

Membership details:

Green Path - General Membership:

Rs. 899 per annum

This membership is open to anyone who is interested in Animist/Shamanic Tradition and connection. These members have an intention to appreciate and support the work, public celebrations and gatherings of the Sagh'ic Animist Community in India, and to be an integral part of the Animist Family, Tribe, Clan and Community. There is no requirement for any training.

* Within this criterion is a section for children under the age of 16.​

  • Receive a regular newsletter from the community, with updates, guidance, stories, information and news

  • Get a 5% discount on workshops and events

  • Get access to the online Members Area and an interactive Community Forum - access meditations, ceremonies, teachings and online discussion groups

Sacred Grove - Advanced Membership:

Rs. 1799 per annum

This membership is a deeper immersion into the SAF, its principles and purposes, as part of the Foundation's journey. Advanced membership requires the completion of a short online learning process after subscribing - a Forest Bearing Quest under guidance of trained practitioners.

Along with the benefits of the General Membership:

  • Get first notifications and registrations for all SAF events

  • Able to vote at General Meetings as nominal shareholders

  • Get 10/20% discounts on annual Retreats & Gatherings

  • Opportunity for a personal Longing Ceremony

  • Opportunity to join working committees of the SAF

Sagart - Registered Practitioner:

Rs. 1799 per annum

Same as Advanced Membership. This membership is reserved only for those who have been initiated/ordained in Sagh'ic Practice.

Registered Practitioners receive all the above with the benefit of being on a public Register of Practitioners, and the privilege of aligning to the codes, ethics, and practices of the SAF.


We accept local and international payments through Razorpay. Please choose the option to pay in Rupees if paying using international/foreign cards

Register using the links below.

(You will be asked to create a Login Account first, after which please return to this page and complete your payment to finish your subscription process.)

  • Green Path - General Membership

    Valid for one year
    • Receive the regular Community Newsletter
    • 5% discount on Workshops and Events
    • Access to online Members Area & Community Forum
    • Option for children under age 16
  • Sacred Grove - Advanced Membership

    Valid for one year
    • Same as General +
    • *Undertaking of the Forest Bearing Quest or its equivalent
    • 10/20% discount on Gatherings & Retreats
    • Get first notifications and registrations for all SAF events
    • Able to vote at General Meetings as nominal shareholders
    • Opportunity for a personal Longing Ceremony
    • Opportunities to join working committees of the SAF
  • Sagart - Registered Practitioners

    *Reserved for those who have trained and been Initiated/Ordained in Sagh'ic Practice
    Valid for one year
    • Same as Advanced +
    • Benefit of being on a Register of Practitioners
    • Privilege of aligning to codes, ethics & practices of SAF

** Memberships are not transferable and non-refundable (up to one year)

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